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Galvanized Steel Wire

Galvanized steel wire refers to any steel wire product that has subjected to a galvanizing process to improve its resistance to corrosion. It is made of carbon steel zinc plated. The zinc coating offers corrosion resistance, allowing vary varied use for weaving of galvanized wire mesh, galvanized hardware cloth, welded iron wire mesh, chicken netting and so on. The wire is available in a wide range of gauges and lengths, and is used extensively in the construction, the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Galvanized Steel Wire


Material: quality mild steel rod, steel wire, carbon steel wire, etc.


Process: wire drawing—annealing—acid cleaning—galvanizing

Galvanized steel wire is economical, soft, clean, easy to bind, and corrosion resistance.


Galvanized steel wire is mainly used in making chain link fence, barbed wire, gabion basket, hexagonal wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, expressway wire mesh fence, and many other kinds of wire mesh products. It can also be used as binding wire to bind everyday objects.
Galvanized steel wire with hot-dipped zinc coating is used in the following fields such as seawater corrosion resistance alloy coated steel wire, armoring cable, steel core stranded wire, stranded wire and so on.


Packaging: in roll or reel
Coil/reel weight: 500kg, 200kg, 100kg, 50kg, 25kg, 10kg, 2-8kg,
Seaworthy packing: wrapped with plastic cloth inside, plastic woven bag/ hessian cloth outside.


Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire


Yield: 195-235Mpa
Tensile strength: 350-680N/mm²
Zinc coated: 10-250g/mm²
Diameter: 0.45mm-4.19mm or BWG 8-22 or SWG 8-22 or GAUGE 8-22
Material: Q195, Q235, SAE1006/1008 etc.

















































Special Galvanized Steel Wire specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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